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Help Feed Hungry Children – Feed The Children

11 Jun

As I struggle to find tasty, nutritious, and quick meals to feed my children, I recently found myself incredibly irritated by their finickiness  and their waste. My anger with my children turned into a lecture about all of the hungry children in the world who would “appreciate the broccoli that you have just thrown away!” How many times have you found yourself saying something similar???? One of my bright children offered to let the hungry children have his dinner, which was not about to happen, but it got me thinking about ‘Feed the Children’.

In years past I had supported ‘Feed the Children’ on an annual basis, but for some reason, unknown to me, my support has waned over the last few years. Well it is time to get back on track, to get back to doing my part to ‘Feed the Children’! Won’t you join me?

Feed The Children

Help Feed Hungry Children – Feed The Children.

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