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Me, Putting up Corn????

26 Jul

Yep, I did it…I put up corn! If you are a city-born girl like me, you might be asking, “What the heck does that mean?” Putting up corn just means I took my summer harvest and prepared it to be stored for winter.  You can “put up” any vegetable, so that you have access to fresh veggies all winter long. With easy access to the frozen food aisle, why would anyone take the time to put up vegetables themselves? Two answers…taste and money.

I grew up in Washington, DC and now live in a small town in North Carolina. My co-workers tend to bring in fresh produce that they have either grown or were grown by someone that they know. I have had organic eggs, cucumbers, tomatoes, etc. So when someone was selling corn for $.20 an ear, I jumped on it. My co-worker talked about putting up corn for the winter, and even though we could have easily eaten the 10 ears of corn that I bought, I wanted to give “putting up” a try. I found a great site (www.HeavenlyHomemakers.com) that walks you through the process, with lots of great photos.

Putting up Corn

Only cost me $2.00 and little time!

If you decide to try putting up corn, a few things that I would add to the instructions on the HeavenlyHomemakers site. If you do not have a vacuum sealer to remove the air from the bag that you are storing the corn in, you can use a zip-loc bag, insert a straw into the top, and suck the air out of the bag. Also, when you are ready to eat the corn, I was told that, to prevent overcooking it, boil the corn for about 5 minutes, then turn the heat off and let the corn sit for about 10 minutes.

So, for $2.00, I got 10 ears of corn, nine of which actually got put up, yielding me four 2-cup bags of corn. My son begged for an ear to have with his dinner, and I couldn’t say no. While the putting process was work, a little time consuming, and somewhat messy, it was also great fun! My 10-year old, B3, helped me shuck the corn, and who can put a price on quality time with your kids???

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